Opmetrix can enable a store call to be separated by the brands (vendors) that are serviced on each scheduled visit.

The advantages of this include a clear task list of what needs to be achieved during the visit, brand by brand. In addition, the set duration of the visit is separated by each vendor ensuring brands get the appropriate amount of time allocated.

The following video walks through a store visit from Start to End.

Completing a Store visit Steps with Multiple Vendors

Select the store from your call cycle and tap Start to visit.

Select "In Store" as the visit is being made at the store

The tabs along the top represent the brands (vendors) that need to be serviced during this store visit. Under each tab is the task list displaying what activities need to be completed for each Vendor.

The Home icon tab is for tasks that are not brand (vendor specific). In the example below there is a general arrival check survey to complete that is not associated with a brand.

The tab list adjusts in size and can be scrolled horizontally if you have many brands to service for this store.

As you switch between the different tabs, the brand (Vendor) logo displays to indicate what brand is being worked on. You can switch back and forth between brands or the home tab throughout the store visit based on what tasks you are currently completing.

Detail on the Tabs

Each tab show the number of tasks yet to complete for the Vendor (The notepad Icon) and the time remaining for each Vendor (the clock Icon). While the tab is selected, time is allocated to that Vendor and the clock reduces in time.

To help visually, the coloured lines underneath indicate how much time is left. Green means plenty of time, Orange means there is a little time left, and Red, time is running out. Once all the tasks are completed for a Vendor, the tab is greyed out indicating is has been done.

Complete the Tasks

Complete the tasks required for each Vendor tab. Tasks highlighted in red are compulsory tasks and must be completed before exiting the store.

Total Visit Time

The top left corner displays the total time scheduled for this visit. It is the sum of the Vendor tabs plus any allocated Home tab time. It also indicates the total time remaining.

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