Call Cycles Rules with Vendors are maintained by Opmerix Administrators in the following location

Select the Bulk Tab to Add, Edit and maintain Call Cycle and Vendor rules

Rule Types

Rules with a green status are the main visit rule. This sets the store to be visited, the field user (device) who is allocated this visit and Time/Sort of when or what order the visit should occur in that day (eg 01 = first call of the day)

Rules with a blue status are the vendors (brands) that should be services within that visit. They set the brand, amount of time allocated to that brand and optionally a note.

Time Allocation & Home Time

The total store visit time is the sum of the Main visit plus the individual times or each brand. In the example above the total visit time is 70 mins.

The main visit rule (green status) has a duration too. This is called 'Home Time' and is time not specifically allocated against a brand. It is often used for general store duties like signing in or time to build better relationships with store employees. In the example above, 10 mins has been allocated for 'Home Time'.

Adding Vendor Rules

Once the main visit rule has been added (see Call Cycle maintenance to add visit rules) select the Vendor Icon to add a vendor row beneath.

Continue to add as many vendor rows as needed.

Edit the Vendor rows to set the Vendor, Duration and any notes, then select Save All

Duplicate Visit Blocks

Once a rule and associated Vendor lines have been created, it may be easier to duplicate that block and update for the next call cycle rule.

Hover over the main visit rule and select the duplicate icon

The entire block including Visit and Vendor rules is copied below. The new draft rules can now be updated by changing the customer and Time/Sort and then saved as a new set of rules.

Further modification to vendor times or adding/removing vendors can be tweaked as required. This makes the maintenance of visits and vendor rules fast and efficient.

Tip : deleting a visit rule using the delete icon deletes the block including visit and vendor lines.

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