Effectively using filters in call cycles enables faster changes and updates when maintaining rules. There are a variety of filter however this article focuses on Report Specific Filters and Data Collected By Filters used in Call Cycle Maintenance.


There are 4 different status types of call cycle rules. Filtering down to a specific type enables can be handy to locate certain rules that need updating.


A Live rule is active. That is the start and end dates are within todays dates therefore this rule will show on the mobile app in the call cycle list for that user.


A Future rule is active, however is not due to start until it reaches the start date.


Draft rules can be created but wont show in the mobile app. Changing the status from draft to Live will activate these rules

Cover / Temp

A cover rule is a temporary rule. Often used when a customer is temporarily assigned to another sales rep when the usual rep is away. After the end date the rule is removed and the original live rule comes into effect.

Type Filter

Open the filters and select type to filter down to show Vendor Rules, Visit Rules, Temp (Cover rules), or draft rules.

Tip : Use smart search and type in part of the word (eg Vendor) to quickly select and apply a filter.

Vendor Filter

When creating a call cycle for a specific a Vendor (Brand) it can be useful to filter down to just show specific vendor rules.

Changing Filters on the Fly

Once filters have been applied it is easy to change them on the fly. Select the active filter and change the dropdown to the filters you require

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