A brokerage company may service multiple vendors (brands) within a store however depending on the week cycle, brands may be serviced on different weeks.

Using cycle frequencies works for companies that maintain a set number of cycle weeks. For example the cycle reoccurs every 4 weeks, 6 weeks or perhaps every 13 weeks (once per quarter).

Why Use Cycle Weeks ?

Changing how often a brand is serviced usually requires the administrator to know what the current cycle week is, make the changes and set the correct date. Having cycle rules makes it easy to change the frequence a brand is serviced (eg increase at peak holiday times or increase during a promotion) without having to constantly check on the date and when it should be next set to apply a change.

Cycle Example

Bunning Bateman Store is visited every Monday. The larger brands are serviced every visit, however the smaller brands are serviced every two weeks and the smallest brand is serviced only once per 6 weeks. The entire cycle is 6 weeks.

Bunnings Bateman Store - Weekly Visit on a Monday

Landrover - Serviced every visit

Maserati - Serviced every visit

Mazda - Serviced every second week

Audi - Serviced every 6th week

The weekly visit and 4 vendors can be set in the call cycle, then the vendor cycle can be set on the cycles that they should be serviced.

The result for the field user is that only the correct brands will be displayed for servicing depending on what cycle week they are in. This ensure that brands are serviced according to the contractual arrangement and time set.

Call Cycle Configuration

There are two settings in Opmetrix that control the call cycle rotation.

The number of weeks in the Call Cycle Eg 6

The start Date and Day for Cycle 1 Eg Monday 6th January 2020

This locks in a 6 weekly call cycle that starts on a Monday. Opmetrix then calculates what cycle week is active based on today's date.

Important : Once these settings have been applied they should not be changed. Changing the cycle and dates for an active call cycle could cause cyle rules to not function correctly.

Setting Cycle Visits

On the visit and vendor rules have been added the cycle can be set by editing the required row or tagging and completing a bulk change to many rows.

Note: If cycle weeks are not applicable to your business process the standard options of setting a cycle by day, week, month or year are still available

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