Opmetrix can be configured to enable store calls to be separated by the brands (vendors) that are serviced on each scheduled visit.

Field Team Advantage

The advantages of this for the field team is a clear task list of what needs to be achieved during the visit, brand by brand. In addition, the set duration of the visit is separated by each vendor ensuring brands get the appropriate amount of time allocated.

Brokerage Advantage

For companies that provide brokerage of sales teams on a time and store coverage basis, Opmetrix reporting provides accurate validation of

  • The stores and total time scheduled for each brand represented

  • The actual time spent in store representing that brand

  • Compliance that stores were visited (GPS and Time)

This information can then be used to accurately assess brokerage contracts and adjust contracted time, based on the work required to adequately represent a brand in store

Balance workload by Brand

Sales & Marketing agencies that support a large number of brands can also schedule which brands are serviced per call.

For example on week cycle 1 the focus may be on three brands (vendors) and the following week different vendors are serviced. Opmetrix will ensure the correct brands (vendors) are being serviced for each visit.

Call Cycle Administration

Administering a call cycle for large teams representing a number of brands can be complicated and time consuming.

The Opmetrix 'bulk' call cycle management features include many features to dramatically reduce administration time and allow fast and easy changes to call cycle rules. Key features include

  • One click to duplicate or delete a set of rules

  • In line editing of rules - change rule information on the fly

  • Bulk change - Tag and change multiple rules and parameters in seconds

  • Temporary change - add temp rules to cover when staff are away or to temporarily increase time or servicing of stores during busy periods

Take it Further with Power BI

All data collected for a Vendor including photos, surveys and audits as well as stores and times visited is available for external reporting using Microsoft Power BI.

Keep your Vendors informed with up-to-date access to beautiful custom designed reports and dashboards deatinling the data collected from the field in near real time.

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