The Opmetrix App will become the core application that your field team uses to service customers, build relationships, enter sales transactions and complete in-store tasks and audits.  

The design has been kept simple which ensures the app's easy and friendly to use.  Sales people in the field, regardless of their previous computer experience, quickly learn how to easily use the system and they give great feedback on how it improves their work and saves them time.

Download the App

The Opmetrix App is available in the Apple, Android and Windows App stores. Access the relevant App Store on your tablet and search "Opmetrix" to download or watch this video for step by step instructions.

Logging in

Open the App and complete the required fields to login. You must be online and connected to the internet to complete a login, and a username and password must have been supplied to you by your Opmetrix Administrator.

Server: The address of your Opmetrix system  e.g.  ""
Username: The login or username
Password: The password assigned for the username

Synchronising your company data

After login, Opmetrix synchronises your company data including customers, products, product images, sales history etc.  This sync may take up to two minutes or so to complete. Once complete, Opmetrix is ready to be used anytime, either on- or off-line.

Whats Next?

Carry on to Getting Started - Part 2 and complete your first store visit. 

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