The sync button is in the top left hand corner of the application. Syncing sends all transaction information you have collected such as sales, call notes, surveys and photos to the Opmetrix cloud, and updates your device with the latest data and tasks.

The Opmetrix app has two options for synchronising data with head office. This can be completed manually by pressing the sync button in the top left corner, or you can enable auto sync.

We recommend syncing:

  • before you start work for the day (to ensure your data is up-to-date)

  • frequently during the day, for example between store visits

  • after your last store visit for the day

Items to Sync

The sync button shows how many data items (e.g. transactions, photos) are waiting to be synced. The example below shows that two data items are waiting to be synced. All data has been synced once the number is no longer shown.

If you are out of coverage or offline

The sync button will be greyed out if you are offline (e.g. on a plane with your device in flight mode) or out of coverage for any reason. You can continue to enter store calls on your device as normal and sync later once you're back online.

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