Whether you're a sales rep, territory manager or merchandiser, the basics of completing a store visit in Opmetrix are the same.

  • Select a Customer/outlet

  • Start a store visit

  • Complete tasks such as sales, call notes, audits or surveys

  • Exit the store visit

  • Synchronise the data you collected with your head office system

Opmetrix works offline, so that you don't need internet coverage to complete a Store Call.  You are good to work anywhere at any time and will only need an internet connection to synchronise any data collected with your head office system.

Let's get Started

OK, so you now have the App installed and you have logged in.  (If not, check out the guide on how to login.)

The Home Screen

The home screen shows your customer list. There are three customer views on the bottom icon bar -  All, Journey Plan and Prospects. For now, we will use the All option which displays all customers allocated to you.

Select a Customer

Scroll up and down to find a customer or use the Search, Filter or Sort options if needed. Tapping on a customer name selects that record and displays the options. 

Start a Store Visit

Tap on Start to begin the store call and select the Store Visit Type.  

The Store Visit Type indicates what type of visit you are making. The defaults are In Store (you are about to enter the store) or Out of Store (you are not at the store but might be adding notes or reviewing history). Other visit types may be visible to suit your companies business processes.

Select a Store Visit Type to continue.

The In Store Menu

The selected Store name is shown at the top of the screen.  

From this screen you can:

  • Add store contacts

  • Review sales and promotion history

  • Complete tasks from the task list including surveys or objectives

  • Add or review call notes and photos

  • Enter new sales such as orders, invoices, credits or quotes

  • Complete merchandising audits

Review Call Notes

During previous visits to this Store, call notes and photos may have been added. This information will help best service your customer going forward, so it's a good idea to review all of these items first. Select Call Notes from the side menu to review.

Other tasks you may complete for a store are covered in separate help topics. For this example we will add a Store Contact.

Add a Store Contact

Select the New Contact button at the bottom of the screen and complete the fields to add a contact.  Once you have added the details, select Save.  After this, the new contact will be displayed in the contacts list.

Exit The Store

Select Exit Store at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. You can also Exit Store by selecting the back button at the top right corner of the screen.

Now select Yes to confirm and you will return to the home screen.  Congratulations! You have just completed entering your first store visit 🙂.


Because we added information during the call (in the example we added a Contact), the Sync button is now highlighted with a red (1), which shows there is one new piece of information to synchronise. Tap the Sync button to complete a sync which processes this data to your head office system.  

You need an internet connection to Sync. If you are offline, the Sync button is greyed out and the Sync function cannot work.

Where to from Here?

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