Welcome to Opmetrix HQ 

Opmetrix HQ is the new look and feel for all of your dashboards, reporting and administration features within the Opmetrix platform.  

It's a major leap forward from the old Opmetrix CMS with an updated user experience that delivers better analytics, faster reports and new enhanced visual reporting. Opmetrix HQ has many new features including the much anticipated 'Live Agent'.

Live Agent maps display the routes travelled and activities completed by the team giving greater insight to productivity, call cycle planning and team performance.

Where is the best place to start with HQ Version 7.0

We recommend reviewing this collection of articles to quickly bring you up to speed

Opmetrix HQ Overview, Changes and Features

New Live Agent Features

New Reports

Update to the Mobile Field Application

  • Opmetrix Tablet Version 7.0 - Changes and updates
  • Opmetrix Smartphone Version 7.0 - Changes and updates

Important Note:

It is important to understand that whilst everything looks quite different in HQ, we assure that all existing functionality and reports previously available in the Opmetrix CMS are still available. The naming and location of reports may have changed but all functionality has been preserved. 

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