The Route Maps dashboards have several icons and features you can use to effectively monitor what's happening with your business out in the field.

Live Agent

The sample Live Agent screen below is quite busy but is illustrated deliberately so in order for you to understand the full range of its capabilities. 

When you first access this dashboard, the screen defaults to the Live Agent screen.

You can zoom in or out using your mouse wheel or the usual zoom method for your tablet.

The small globe icon at the top left of the map area shows that the Live Agent dashboard is live. If you hover your mouse or pointer over the other two icons they will show (left to right) Call Coverage and Product Coverage respectively.

One thing to note is that you can only display Live Agent data for ONE SINGLE DAY. The applicable date is shown in a bubble next to the dashboards icons. Click on it to change the date.

To change both the date and the Visit Types to display, click on the Filters icon to top right of the map area.

In the bottom left of the map area, another control panel enables you to turn on/off the parameters you want displayed for this screen. In the example shown, Location Trail, Scheduled Visits, On/Off Duty and Current Locations are turned On (shown in blue) and Outlets and Outlet Visits are turned Off (shown in black with a strikethrough diagonal line).

In the top right of the map area, you can select up to five field staff for whom to display information. Each staff member will be assigned a distinctively different colour to help interpret your map. Just click to check or uncheck the field staff you want.

There are several icons to explain.

The icon below indicates a Scheduled Visit. Each icon is colour coded to indicate which field staff member is associated with this visit.

The icon below indicates an Outlet Visit. Each icon is colour coded to indicate which field staff member is associated with this visit.

You can click on an Outlet Visit icon to show on-screen the details of that specific call. An example of this is shown next.

The traffic light icons below are used to show on and off duty entries. Hover your mouse/pointer over the icon too show which field staff member is associated with these details.

Individual outlets are shown with the familiar map location icon (shown next).

Where multiple outlets are located in very close physical location, a white number is shown inside a blue circle, meaning you can zoom in to see the details of these multiple outlets. E.G. The number 2 inside the blue circle means that there are 2 outlets in close physical proximity of each other. Zoom in to see more.

The screen shown next is a typical example of how you might use Live Agent to track one particular field staff member, whose driving route is shown by the orange line.

We recommend that you play with Live Agent to get used to what can be done and how to optimise the usage best for your business.

Turn the icons on and off, click and zoom through to next layers and change dates; there's nothing you can do to system data at this level so just experiment to see what fits your eye best.

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