Product Coverage

When you first access the Product Coverage screen you will see a wide-scale map of Australia and New Zealand. The Product Coverage icon is now shown in blue to indicate this dashboard is active.

In the active map area, a white number is shown in a blue circle (as shown next) to indicate how many outlet visits there were in a given area.

The default filters are set to:

  • Transaction Date = Delivery date

  • Show Outlets With Product Sales

Once again, you can adjust filters to suit from the ranges shown next.

Zoom in on your map until icon(s) with a white number on a green tab display, as shown next.

The different numbers indicate the numbers of individual products delivered. Hover your mouse/pointer over the green number to show the exact numbers of products delivered.

A red icon will indicate that no products have been sold to the outlet concerned.

In the example above, there are 11 different product lines with delivery transactions; which happened to tally 145 individual products. You may need to scroll the Transaction Detail Lines screen to the right to display the individual numbers.

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