Call Coverage

When you first access the Call Coverage screen you will see a wide-scale map of Australia and New Zealand. The Call Coverage icon is now shown in blue to indicate this dashboard is active.

In the active map area, a white number is shown in a blue circle (as shown next) to indicate how many outlet visits there were in a given area.

Note that a date range applies to this facility and not just a single date as in the Route Maps dashboard.

The screen defaults to showing Outlets Visited but wide range of filters can be applied to this screen if you wish, as shown below.

Once you have set your filters, zoom in over one of the blue numbered circles until you see green tick icons (as shown next).

Note that a red cross icon indicates an outlet that has not been visited

Click on a green tick icon to see visit(s) associated with that specific outlet. This will bring up a Time In Store pop-up window, from where you can click through to more information from any data item shown in blue (in this case, the Outlet ID, the Outlet, and the Location).

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