Opmetrix Version 7.3 is an update to the current Opmetrix HQ. This update continues to add new features and functionality, including the feature of a search option to find reports on the menu faster.

Find Anything

Question! Which report tab is the Call Coverage report under? Where do I find Geocoding maintenance? Opmetrix has hundreds of reports however finding them can be problematic. Introducing the Find Button.

Enter any word or part word of a report or maintenance page name and Find will give a list of possible reports with the the most common at the top. Click on the report, or use the down arrow and press Enter and you are done.

Call Coverage Example: enter call or cover or coverage

GeoCode Maintenance Example: enter geo or geocode or code

Call Cycle Bulk Maintenance

The new Bulk Editing tab within Call Cycle Maintenance provides a fast way to build and manage call cycle rules, without the complexities of exporting and importing call cycle data via Excel.

With easy options to insert new call cycle rules, delete existing ones and edit call cycle data on the fly it dramatically reduced Administration time.

Call Cycle Bulk Change and Temporary Cover

The bulk change feature enables call cycle rules to be tagged and then specific changes can be made to all the tagged rules. The rules can even have a temporary date so they revert to the original rule after that time period. This feature has been requested, especially when changing a call cycle to another rep on a temporary basis, to cover holidays or leave.

The following articles cover how to use the Bulk View features in Call Cycles

Call Cycle - Bulk View

Call Cycle - Filter Types & Statuses

Call Cycle - Bulk & Temporary Cover Changes

New Report - Visit Compliance by Outlet

A new visit compliance report lists all customers including the date and salesperson who last visited. Access the report under Field Performance (or use the new Find!).

The report shows the number of days since a visit and the visit type can be filtered. For example restrict the last visit to In-Store visits to see the actual last date of a face to face store visit.

Report Updates - Transaction by Group and Product Reports

The Transaction by Product Group and Transaction by Product reports have been updated to include total rows.

Multi Vendor Support

Brokerage and Sales & Marketing companies that service multiple brands can now enable a store call to be separated by the brands (vendors) that are serviced on each scheduled visit.

This feature is turned off by default however please feel free to contact our support team to have it enabled. We have created separate help articles that relate to this functionality.

Mobile App Changes

The Opmetrix Mobile App Version 7.3 introduces a handy new feature to collapse the side menu bar. This gives more room to see product list details, image catalogues and easier data entry.

Check out the separate article on all Mobile App Changes in this 7.3 release

Technical Changes and Bug Fixes List

  • The Image Catalogue is now maintainable by Supervisor logins with the "Supervisor Maintenance Rights" setting enabled

  • The Transactions by Device report is now vieweable by Supervisor logins

  • Login usernames are now validated, preventing invalid characters

  • Updates now save correctly when editing existing "Store Visit Types"

  • Sync log speed improvements

  • Print Preview of transactions now shows transaction name for non-default transaction types

  • Printing reports now works in latest version of Chrome without crashing

  • On-page images no longer accidentally re-upload when dragging them on the page

  • Device Logins can now be completely deleted if there is only one Admin account

  • The "Outlet Visit Summary" report no longer reports an error when using the "Pivot By" filter

  • Sync speed improved for sites with lots of targets

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