The Activity Feed Report is a new report available in Opmetrix HQ V7 as part of the Field Team module (click Field Performance, the second icon in the group which shows a person viewing a screen).

As the screen further below shows, the Activity Feed report shows a detailed list of individual activities performed by field staff for each store visit which thumbnail images displayed where applicable. 

The example shows a sequence of activities for one person for one outlet but by scrolling down, you will see further activities for other outlets by other staff (assuming your filters allow that). The active filters shown specify a date range and all outlets but these can be changed like any other report.

The report can be saved, shared to print/email/export or filtered as per all reports.

Where the Activity Feed shows a word in blue, that can be clicked like any other internet link and the applicable pop-up screen will be shown, as in the example below for Call Note. The pop-up screen can be expanded, shared to email/print/export and closed by clicking the X in the top right corner of the pop-up.

The power of this report lies in its ability to show in one sequential list all activities performed within individual store visits. This in turn provides you with the ability to drill down further to examine details of individual activities.

We advise experimenting with the filters (shown next) to produce the kind of report(s) which will best support you and your business in monitoring field activity.

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