Once you've learned how to create a new report and navigate your way around the various options, you can save a report for future use.

Opmetrix V7 HQ makes it very easy for you to save any report that you create. Just click on the love heart icon in the group of four standard action buttons (upper right hand screen) and give the report a sensible name so you can recognise it easily later on. In the example below, you might entitle your report Time in Store Current Month. Click save and you're done.

Once you have saved a report you can share it to email, export or print or you can add it to a report portfolio.

A portfolio is a group of reports that can customised to be automatically sent to any group of users.

Portfolios can be sent out daily, weekly or monthly, and are dispatched from the Opmetrix engine at 11pm New Zealand Time.

Australian customers can subtract the appropriate difference depending on Time Zone and any variance in respective Daylight Savings settings. The baseline differences mean portfolios would be dispatched at 7pm Western Australia, 8.30pm South Australia/Northern Territory and 9pm the remaining states.

Any saved report can be adjusted. You can change a single filter by clicking on the relevant filter icon (immediately above the report's contents) as shown in the next screen. You can also change multiple filters or add new filters by accessing the main Filter (funnel) icon which is located in the standard action buttons.

The best way to get familiar with reports is to simply have a play with them. You can't break anything so go ahead, experiment. Add and change filters to your heart's content; it's easy enough to start again with a clean sheet.

Sharing them to your own email is another simple tip so you can see what the reports will look like in someone else's inbox.

Retrieving your saved reports is easy too. Just click on the love heart icon along the very top row, which will show a drop down list from which you can select the report you want.

If you want to change the name of any of your saved reports or remove one from the list, click Edit Saved Reports at the bottom of the My Saved Reports drop down list. Click the pencil icon to edit details (as shown on the next screen) or click the red rubbish tin icon to remove the report from the list. If you just want to stop the report from displaying on the list but not deleting it entirely, un-check the Show In Saved Reports Menu checkbox.

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