Opmetrix version 8.1 is another jam packed release with many new features and improvements.

Opmetrix Dashboards

We are delighted to bring customisable dashboards to both Opmetrix HQ and the mobile Apps for both tablet and smartphone. The below video gives an overview of how powerful dashboards can be, both for management and your field team.

For details on how to create and publish your own dashboards, follow the links below for an introduction and work through the topics.

Dashboards - Overview and introduction

Dashboards - Creating your first HQ Dashboard

Dashboards - Applying Filters

Dashboards - Creating mobile app Dashboards

Dashboards - Sharing dashboards using public links

Smart Route for Smartphone

Smart Route has been well received since it was released in February 2021.

Field Teams report significant savings in distance travelled and time saved. The pro features, such as the ability to insert one off visits and set finish locations for the day, have made Smart Route a valuable addition for users.

Smart Route is now available for field teams using the smartphone version of Opmetrix.

Pinch to Zoom

Many users have asked for the ability to show a full size product image on the screen and zoom into the detail. Pinch to Zoom is now available in both the product image catalog and showcase views on the tablet App.

Tap and hold on the photo to activate full screen image mode, then zoom in and out using two fingers on the screen

Photos in calling card history can also be viewed in full screen with pinch to zoom.

Share saved reports with a public link

There are many great reports within Opmetrix that users would like to share with their team, Vendor, or brand owner.

The Opmetrix Saved Report feature (also called Portfolio) allows a scheduled delivery of a PDF or Excel file. Users can now also send a live link to the report that can be accessed at anytime.

Check out the article on how to create and share live links.


Kitsets have been handy for many customers who sell a group of items as a fixed display or bundle of products. New enhancements to kitsets include;

  • Add a barcode to a kitset so the team can use their barcode scanners to quickly sell an entire kitset.

  • For sites that have many kitsets, a new search box enables quick location of kitsets.

  • Add Multiple kitsets. Increase/decrease the number of kitset sold at one time.


Similar to Calling Cards, the objectives/goals module now supports adding multiple photos against an objective.

B2B eCommerce Changes

Sites using the Opmetrix B2B eCommerce ordering system will see the following changes;

Units of measure

eCommerce now support multiple units of measure allowing customers to select which unit (eg Each, Carton, Pallet) they wish to purchase online.

Removing Open Carts

Unfinished orders (open carts) created by customers can now be removed by the Opmetrix Admin in the Open Carts report. In addition, the date the cart was last updated and the last time the Customer was active on eCommerce is now shown.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • A new setting is available to restrict selecting photos from the camera roll. If enabled, all photos must be taken live.

  • Bulk Call Cycles with Multi Vendor has a new clock icon which sums up total time spent per visit.

  • First release of Single Sign on (SAML) to connect your Microsoft or Google Accounts to Opmetrix.

  • Calling Card email notifications now include the Vendor field, if enabled.

  • Pagination Support for reports.

  • Dispatch Module has new Job Screen layout to select delivery address and job contact.

  • New outlet migration report to migrate new outlets (similar to prospect migration).

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