Opmetrix Version 8.0 Introduces Smart Route

Smart route takes the guesswork out of call planning, automatically producing the most efficient call sequence for each working day.

Using advanced location and live traffic optimisation, smart route can optimise a pre-set existing call cycle, and optionally allows the field user to create their own Dynamic call cycle on the fly.

This 3 minute video introduces the features of this existing new feature.

For further information and in depth video covering these features, please review the full Smart Route Help article

Which Version do I need? Smart Route or Smart Route Pro

Whilst Smart route is available to all Apple and Android tablet users, the Pro version offers more optimisation options to save even more time.

This includes the ability to set the location on the map where you wish to finish for the day (e.g. Home or back at base), and the route optimisation takes into account live traffic conditions and congestion.

The Pro version is definitely required for field users who wish to plan their own route from day to day or week to week. It includes the ability to see your customers on the map, and tag which customers to visit.

The standard version will still optimise a pre-set call cycle route, show the map and minimise driving distance. Contact our Team to discuss and purchase Pro licences for your team.

Sync your Opmetrix Call Cycle with your favourite Calendar

Add your Opmetrix call cycle to your favourite calendar app like Google, Outlook or the default calendar app on your tablet or smartphone. New Opmetrix appointments will automatically appear next to your other meetings for the day, so you only have to use one app to keep track of your schedule.

No more switching between calendars while you’re on the way to a visit!

Full details on how to link your Opmetrix Call cycle for Field users or Administrators is available in the Calendar Integration article.

Create your own Custom Retail Execution Template

Sites that use the Opmetrix Retail Execution module complete audits for Distribution (Range), Share of Shelf and Inventory. Traditionally, these have been separate tasks.

Now there is a new template option called "Custom". Set up the key columns you wish to audit (e.g. range, facings and a price check column), and your field team can collect that information by completing one single audit with those columns displayed.

To make it even more streamlined, now all the column headings in Retail Execution audits can be renamed to anything you choose. For details on how to configure the custom template, please review the article Creating a custom Retail Execution template.

Mobile App Changes

Opmetrix HQ and Reporting Changes

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