Opmetrix Version 7.2 is an update to the current Opmetrix HQ. This update continues to add new features and improvements.

Key Highlights 

Product Visibility Rules

product visibility rules can be created which define the product(s)/range(s) that are available for a customer, or group of customers to purchase.  These rules can be set to show or hide products either in the mobile Field App, or in the self service Opmetrix B2B eCommerce module.

There are many reasons to restrict products for certain customers. Here are some common scenarios;

  • Restricted products by law - Some states may allow certain products to be purchased, whilst other states restrict these. E.g. vaping equipment

  • Competing brands - Ranges or brands may only be available in selected stores. E.g. Apple products

  • Head Office agreements -  certain banner groups may stock products whilst other do not.  E.g. Caltex service stations stock one brand, whilst BP stations stock another brand

Review the help articles on how to manage visibility rules and make enquiries on what rules are applying to customers. 

Activity Feed

The activity feed shows a chronological list of all activities completed by a field rep or team.  It's a great to review individual productivity and performance. 

 This report has been extended to include the start and end day times for reps that use the workday timecard feature.  

The Activity feed can be found under the Field Performance Tab in Opmetrix HQ

B2B eCommerce Updates and Improvements

  • Design you own B2B eCommerce Page without using HTML.  The new rich text editor enables you to update your eCommerce page whenever you need to make a change or highlight specials, promotions or linke

  • Bug Fix -  The checkout button on the top checkout menu was not always active

HQ Bug Fixes and other improvements

  • Creating a calling card from the Outlet Review dashboard, now correctly selects the outlet

  • Stock Level Audit Log now shows the name of the Web Admin that made the stock level change

  • Migrating a Prospect to an Outlet no longer causes duplicate Geocodes

  • After printing a report from HQ on an iPhone, the page is now usable again

  • Can now delete inactive Admin logins, even if there's only 1 active Admin

  • Surveys in Survey Maintenance no longer show '&' in their names 

  • Background Location updates will no longer turn back on after an upgrade 

  • Survey Maintenance report fits on the screen better 

  • Emails and Prints don't work for 'non-default' transaction types, eg Type L 

This update will automatically be applied to Opmetrix HQ sites in the cloud. This is a HQ update only.  No mobile app update is required.

Please contact our support team for any questions in regards to the above.

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