Opmetrix Version 7.1 is an update to the current Opmetrix HQ. This update continues to add new features and functionality, including the much requested feature to multi select when applying report filters.

Key Highlights 

Multi Select Report Filters

Report specific filters are now 'multi select' enabling one or many values from the same filter to be selected.  The multiple selections in a filter can also be saved when creating new saved reports.

Select a filter and tick the values to include in the report.  There are three icons to allow faster editing (highlighted in red in the picture below)

Clear This Filter - Clears all values and resets this filter
All Invert -  Unchecks all currently selected values and checks all unselected
Show Selected Only - Shows only the selected values

For filters with many items within the list, a search option is also available. 

New Report -  Call Cycle Audit

A new Call Cycle audit report is available under the Call Cycle menu.  This report shows all scheduled visits within a selected time frame and highlights the visits which have been completed based on the Call Cycle. This report also includes total visit time and GPS compliance data.

This report is a combination of the Time In Store (time and location data) and Journey Plan report (filters to check missed store visits by sales representative or region).

New Report - Workflow Audit

This report is useful for sites that use workflow to approve or decline orders before they are exported to the ERP. This report details all the workflow approvals on a transaction including the date and time of approval, as well as the person who has made the approval.  This report is useful to track the progress of orders during the workflow process.

Time in Store Report - Update

The Time In Store report now includes the total time and average time total in the footer of the report. This means that this information is now available if you print, email, or export the report to Excel.

Call Cycle (Journey Plan Import/Export)

When using the Import or Export feature to upload or download Call Cycle rules, the comments column is now included in the Excel file. This allows personalised notes to be added with regards to the Call Cycle visits.

When importing Call Cycle Excel plans into Opmetrix, the start date can now be back dated to the past. This feature is useful for sites who have a set Call Cycle (e.g. 6 weeks) and want to back date the rule to the first week of the cycle. Note that back dating a rule will also adjust the Call Cycle Compliance report. Opmetrix will report on visits that were completed from the date that the rule begins.

B2B eCommerce Updates

Opmetrix HQ 7.1 includes a variety of updates and key features focused on the Opmetrix B2B eCommerce module. These are as followed:

Set the minimum amount required for an Order

A global minimum order amount can be set in the eCommerce settings. For example, if the minimum order amount is set to $200, all customers must place an order equal to or higher than $200 + GST before confirming an order. Opmetrix will alert and advise the minimum amount if the value ordered is under this.

In addition, there is a minimum order amount override that can be set per customer. Navigate to eCommerce, then Registered Outlets. A list of customers will appear within this report. The minimum order amount can be set individually per customer, or set to zero (no minimum)

Set the minimum $ amount to indicate Freight Free

Similar to the minimum order amount, the freight free amount can be set globally in settings or individually per customer.

If the amount falls under the minimum freight free value, Opmetrix B2B eCommerce will indicate to the customer that freight will be added when that order is processed and dispatched.  Opmetrix does not calculate the freight value, but only alerts the customer that freight will be added if under the minimum amount.

Barcode Scanning

B2B customers can connect a barcode scanner and use this to add products to their cart in eCommerce. To do so, tap the barcode item to initiate barcode mode.  They can then scan barcodes from a product or catalogue to quickly add them to their order cart.

Product master data must contain valid barcode date for this to work and barcoding supports either the barcode or product code (if printed as a barcode).

Other B2B eCommerce and Setting Changes

  • A new setting to default which staff codes should be applied to eCommerce transactions

  • A new setting to default which branch (warehouse) should be used for eCommerce orders.  This can also be set per outlet

  • Support of mininum units. If the unit quantity setting is enabled, for example a product must be purchased in quantities of 6, this feature now works in eCommerce the same way it works in the mobile app.

  • Product visibility rules that limit what products a customer can view and but now also work in the eCommerce module.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Sync Process Optimisation - Special Character Handling -  There was a lag when processing special characters ( eg letter with acutes )  This has now been optimised 

  • Image Maintenance - The image auto-link  now sorts set the image order based on rules -  eg were ABC and ABC_1 and ABC_2 are images,  ABC will be the hero image.  If ABC does not exist ABC_1 becomes hero

  • New outlet label setting - to change the 'Outlet' label throughout Opmetrix, eg 'Client', 'Customer', 'Store', ‘Supplier’. (Default will remain Outlet)

  • Route Maps/Live Agent no longer shows inactive devices 

  • Calendar Widget improvement -  if selecting by year it could start at 1900 requiring scroll to current year.  Now Starts within 10 year range of today 

  • Journey Plan Compliance report  - Now renamed Call Cycle Compliance and used Cached data to prevent timeouts on large data sets 

  • Live Agent - If an outlet has no geocode live agent would plot off the coast of Africa.  Now those outlets don’t show.

  • The setting to allow Supervisors to access maintenance reports now works for reports on the 'Settings' tab

  • Strike Rate report now correctly handles when there's more than one transaction per visit (previous if two transactions on same visit it counted the second transactions as another strike)

This update will automatically be applied to Opmetrix HQ sites in the cloud. This is a HQ update only.  No mobile app updates is required.

Please contact our support team for any questions in regards to the above.

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