Importing Journey Plans

To bulk import journey plans into the Opmetrix CMS, an Excel spreadsheet must be built using the format specified by Opmetrix, as shown in the example next.

You can build the correct format of this spreadsheet by first exporting a journey plan rule from Opmetrix to Excel (see the section towards the end of this article). 

Make sure that you delete any details of previous journey plans before you re-import your new spreadsheet. Ensure that all the headers still remain (e.g. Outlet Code, Outlet Name etc).

Please refer to this article for further details about the fields to enter in Opmetrix.


  • Ensure that the Outlet Code matches the Outlet Name (and vice versa)

  • End Date: Leave this blank if no end date is determined

  • Recurrence: e.g. Day, Week, Month, Year

  • Day: You can write the first three characters of a day e.g. Mon for Monday

  • Month: Can leave blank

  • Draft: Leave value as 0 to ensure that journey plans are imported as live plans

  • Device Login and Device: Ensure that these are consistent with the logins set up in Opmetrix

  • Id: Must leave blank (for new uploads)

  • Group Id: Must leave blank (for new uploads)

Please note: 

When we are updating existing call cycles in Opmetrix, please ensure that the Id and Group Id are present. These must be the same values as they were when exported.

If we are adding new call cycles to Opmetrix, please leave the Id and Group Id blank.

Exporting Journey Plans

Log into the Opmetrix CMS and navigate to the "Activity" tab, then scroll down to "Journey Plan Maintenance". 

In the "Rules View", change the "Device" filter to show the journey plan details as required.

Click on the square tick boxes to select the journey plans to export, or simply click the square tick box in the header to select all the journey plans.

Click "Actions" then "Export to Excel".

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