This release is a minor version release containing a number of corrections, bug fixes and interface updates

Report Fixes

  • Reports All: Can't sort by column headers - Fixed

  • Survey Gallery Report: Export Button does not work - Fixed  

  • Merchandising Gallery Report: Timing out - Fixed 

  • Saved Reports: Filters don’t work - Fixed

  • Promo Compliance: Report not loading - Fixed


  • A blank Sales Template causes templates to not sync - Fixed

  • Xero Interface: Customer addresses not importing - Fixed


  • A new link called 'View Image' has been added to the Calling Card deck report when it is sent as a PDF report.

    The image in the PDF report is scaled to 640 x 480 pixels; however, clicking the link will open up the full size image in a web browser.

Stock Level Maintenance

For sites that do not update stock on hand levels by importing data from their accounting system, an optional feature can be enabled for you to manually adjust stock on hand levels within the Opmetrix App.

If you are interested in this feature, please contact our support team in the first instance to discuss the possibilities.

Next Steps

Our support desk is available to assist and train on any new features or help with any questions. Contact us here or use the chat window by clicking on the icon in bottom right of your screen.

The Opmetrix Team

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