Quicklinks is a feature that allows Web URL links to be attached to products and customers.

Web links can point to customer websites, documents, PDF Flyers or Excel spreadsheets, making it a very handy way for field users to quickly access the most relevant external information from within their Opmetrix App.

Some Quicklink suggestions:

  • Link a PDF product sheet to a product/SKU

  • Link a customer's website to a customer

  • Link an Excel price list to a customer

1. Customers - Set a Quicklink for each customer
2. Products - Set a Quicklink for each product
3. Company - One default company Quicklink

Quicklinks link to website URLS, not directly to a document. Many online storage services such as DropBox, Box, Microsoft SharePoint, and Google Drive allow documents to be accessed from these locations by way of a direct URL. Therefore to use documents with Quicklinks, you must have access to one of these storage services so as to give your documents a direct URL. 

Many systems like DropBox offer a free service with plenty of capacity for the average company. This document discusses the use of Quicklinks only. For information on file storage services you should access their own websites.

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