The Outlet Review report gives valuable insight into the activity and performance of a single customer. It is a centralised place to for you to review and measure all of the activities associated with this customer so you can best monitor and grow the customer relationship.  

The key performance indicators include:

  • A timeline of activity on how the customer is being serviced.

  • Drill down to notes, sales, audits, surveys - all in-store activity.

  • Measure of time spent in store, 12-month sales and sales by category.

Using Outlet Review

From the Team Dashboard select

Outlet Review from the left menu bar.  The smart search box enables you to type part of the name or code to locate and select the customer you require.

Outlet Information

The reports show information for the current month. The time frame can be changed using the smart search (e.g. for last month, type "last" and select the option. Read the article on using smart search for more options.

The Activity Feed

The Activity Feed show all in-store visits and tasks that have been completed using a timeline display. Activities and audits can be clicked to display the results or corresponding report.

The Activity feed can also be filtered using smart search. For example searching "calling cards", "transactions", or "surveys" will filter to the feed to only display your chosen activity types.

Report Tiles

The report tiles display data based on the time frame you have selected. Each report tile has a "Dig" option enabling a drill down to the corresponding report.

  • Time in Store - Total Time in store (hover over to see average time).

  • Sales by Type - Total Sales by Transaction Type (e.g. Order, Credit).

  • Monthly $ Sales - Total Sales (all transaction types).

  • Product Analysis - Sales by Product Category.

Quick Digs

Easy access to related customer information is available from the 3 icon buttons at the top of the dashboard. These are from left to right

  • Contacts - View and maintain contacts for the customer.

  • Transactions - View a list of transactions for the customer.

  • Call Notes Deck - View Notes and Photos for the customer.

Adding a Calling Card Note

You can use the dashboard to add call notes and attach photos directly. Field users who visit that store are then notified when call notes have been added, and can action and review the information.

It's handy for Customer Services or Sales Managers to add store specific information from phone calls or tasks needed to be completed. 

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