Stock on hand (e.g. warehouse or branch stock levels) are typically maintained in the corporate accounting system that is linked with Opmetrix. In this case, each time Opmetrix receives updates on products and information from the accounting system, the stock on hand levels will accordingly update.

In-between these updates, the field teams sell items. As they sell, Opmetrix reduces the stock on hand that displays. Adjusting local stock ensures that field users see the most accurate stock on hand values. 

Setting whether local stock on hand should adjust is optional for each sale transaction type. For example, if a credit is entered, the stock may not be returned (it may be thrown away) so it should not increase the local stock on hand. 

Optional Setting (for Opmetrix Administrator)

To adjust local stock figures in-between imports from the accounting system

  • Setting: localStockOnHandUpdates

  • Options: Multi-choice select (can select by sales transaction type)

  • Default Setup: Stock adjusts set for Orders and Invoice only

If this function would be helpful, please contact your Opmetrix Administrator or talk to one of our friendly support staff.

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