Call notes are a valuable source of information about your customer. You can quickly locate the Call notes you need through searching and filtering.


Call notes have type and activity tags (e.g. completed call, product issue, competitor activity). This makes it fast to tag calling cards when you enter them and also to later filter and review them in call note history. 

Note that the usefulness of this function is entirely dependent on Call notes having a type and activity tag assigned at time of first entry. In other words, you must assign a type and activity tag when completing any Call note.

Access the Call notes for the customer you want then select the Filter button in the top right corner. Type and Activity filters for your business will be shown. You can select one of each filter and then only the matching call notes will be shown.

Note: to show all, select the filter and select All.


The notes you write in a calling card can be searched in Call note history. Tap in the search bar at the top of the Call note screen and type.  

Search methods

There are two methods of searching. Tapping the magnifying glass icon switches the method between Search Contains and Search Starts with.

Search Contains

Search Contains matches any part of the Call note sentence and any word within a sentence. 

Search Starts With

Switching to Search Starts with matches the first letters of the Call note only.

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