Version 5.6 brings some excellent new features for the back office reporting and a number of new configuration options for improving business processes.

New - Online Help System

You are reading these release notes on the new Opmetrix Help system. Do have a look around at the articles and use the search system to locate information on all aspects of Opmetrix.

Help goes one step further with a live chat system to our knowledgeable support staff who can offer advice, point you to relevant articles and help with any issues. 

The Help system is always available via the top Menu

New - Outlet Dashboard

A new dashboard displaying a single 360-degree view of how a customer is performing and how the field team is servicing them. It is a centralised place to review, measure and grow your customer relationships. Read the Outlet Dashboard article and start discovering what's really happening out in the field.

The home dashboard has been extended to become a Team Dashboard. It now includes smart search filters to view an individual team member's productivity, filter to a category of customers, or view the dashboard over any period of time.  

Target Audits to a Specific Group of Users or Supervisors

Many Opmetrix customers have asked for the ability to create a survey and limit the targets to a range of field team members or a supervisor group. Device and supervisor targeting has now been added for Survey and Sales Templates.

Local Stock on Hand

Opmetrix now adjusts stock on hand as soon as an item is ordered by a field user. As users synchronise, they see the updated stock on hand straight away. Adjusting local stock ensures field users see the most accurate stock on hand values. Read the article on local stock to see if it suits your business process.

There is also a new optional setting that stops the field team selling items if the stock on hand is zero or less than zero. 

Other changes in this release include:

  • Improvement - Administrators can now make calling card types and activities inactive. This removes these data items from displaying in the app dropdown to field users but preserves these records for management reporting.

  • Improvement - Sales Transaction Preview - note lines now show in bold in view, print and email.

  • Improvement - Survey targeting can now be set to specific devices or supervisors.

  • Improvement - Notes on Survey deck reports are now extended to 150 Characters (previously 60).

  • Bug Fix - Saved Reports now print the saved report name (instead of the default name).

  • Bug Fix - Journey Plan Maintenance Rules View - When exporting to file, the device column is now included.

  • Bug Fix - All available filters now work on the Budget Compliance reports.

  • Bug Fix - Portfolio reports in Excel format now have no limit on number of lines.

  • Bug Fix - Deck Reports when exported to Excel can have a web link to the image. This image resolution now matches the resolution of the original file (previously image resolution was automaticallyscaled down).

  • Bug Fix - Objective Summary Report fixed for Print Output.

  • Bug Fix - Contacts Export now includes a new column, Device, which shows who last changed the contact concerned.

  • Bug Fix - Outlet Migration now migrates merchandising audits on all databases.

The field app also has new features and improvements. Read the 5.6 App release notes for details on changes for your field team.

Next Steps

Our support desk is always available to assist and train on any new features or help with any questions. Contact us here or use the chat window by clicking on the icon in bottom right of your screen.

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