Opmetrix integrates with many accounting systems using master data such as customers, products, pricing and inventory levels to ensure field teams have up to date information when using Opmetrix out in the field. 

Sales transactions including orders, invoices and credits can be automatically imported to accounting systems, accelerating workflows, reducing errors and eliminating double handling.

Opmetrix provides four integration options:

Standard Integration

Opmetrix has standard integration that can be easily deployed to popular ERP systems with whom it partners. These interfaces may use API, Third Party Connectors or manual files. 

A list of currently available ERP integrations is available here

If your ERP system isn't on our list of existing integrations, contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Stand Alone 

Opmetrix can operate self-contained with its own master data. Master data and product images can be uploaded and downloaded from within the Opmetrix system.

HTTPS Bridge Service

Opmetrix includes an interface manager, an automatic HTTP transfer gateway to upload master files from an on-premise ERP system and deliver a transaction file back to the ERP system for import.

Master file documentation can be downloaded advising supported file types and structure.

Master File and Fields Documentation

Details on our standard master files and fields are in the following document.

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