Smart search is a fast and easy way to find or filter just about anything in Opmetrix reporting.

Rather than setting report filters manually, you can type into the smart search box and Opmetrix will display the filter options automatically. Select the option you want from the list and it's applied.


Click in the smart search box (magnifying glass icon) to begin searching then enter a text such as a customer name, product description, code or time frame to see results. Select the option you want and the filter is applied.

Handy Search Examples

  • Set time periods for reports such as "Last Week", "Last Month", "This Month" "Today" or "Next Month".

  • Filter to a specific user, customer or product by entering part of the name or code.

  • Apply a filter parameter such as "In-Store Visits", "Not Compliant" or the name of a template, task or Survey.

Note that if the search criteria is not available, you can select Advanced filters to display all filters and then apply manually

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