All reports can have filters applied to define the data results you want to view. 

Once filters have been applied, the filters stay active even when you switch to a new report. Filters can be changed or cleared at anytime.

Applying Filters Manually

Open the Filters area by clicking anywhere on the grey filter bar at the top of the report. This filter bar also displays the currently applied filters and the date range selected for the report. A filter can be removed by clicking on the red x beside each filter. 

Filter options

Select the required filters from the drop down lists available. Different filter options are available depending on the report selected. Specific filters designed for a report show in the Report Specific Options area.

  • Select Apply to close the filter options and display the filtered result.

  • Select Clear to remove all filters, display all results for the report and return to the previous screen.

Note: Filters can also be applied using the Smart Search capability. Smart Search quickly applies filters without having to open and apply the filters manually.  

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