The Opmetrix Administrator creates and updates logins for all Opmetrix Team mobile user devices. 

Each field user's mobile device must have a separate unique login. We recommend using the first 3 characters of their first and last name. eg Steve Smith - STESMI. Alternatively, you might choose to use another existing company standard. The important thing is to use a formal, consistent methodology to create the login names.

Logins should not be shared between multiple Opmetrix devices.

Open Login Maintenance

Select Login Maintenance from the Settings section located at the bottom of the Opmetrix menu.

opmetrix login maintenance

Filter to display Mobile Device Logins

Select the Filter option and select Login Type as Device. This displays all active device logins. 

  • Press the Add Login button to create a new login

  • Press the Edit icon (pencil) beside a login to edit that user.

  • Press the Disable icon (red bin) beside a login to disable that user.

Login Details

When adding or editing a login the following information is required

  • Login -  A unique login ID up to 10 characters long. As mentioned above, we recommend using the first 3 characters of their first and last name; e.g. Steve Smith - STESMI

  • Name - Their name

  • App Password - Password (numbers or letters) to login to the Opmetrix field app. We suggest minimum 8 characters, a mix of Upper Case/lower case and numerals e.g. D3nnyL44

  • CMS Password - Password (numbers or letters) to login to the Opmetrix HQ System (CMS) to access reports. This access is optional and if left blank, field users will not have access to the Opmetrix HQ System (CMS)

  • Set Active Days - Optionally used if reporting on days worked vs days scheduled to work. Select the days of the week this user works or set the option to Journey Plan for Opmetrix to automatically work this out based on when the user has appointments

  • Supervisor - The supervisor to whom this user reports (optional)

  • Default Branch - The branch (warehouse) where the user requests stock to be supplied to their customers. Only required if your system is configured for multiple branch stock

  • Email Address - The user's email address

  • Transaction Prefix and Suffix - Opmetrix automatically creates these unique values to identify transactions this particular user creates in the system


Each individual device user can be allocated specific customer data. This means they only see on their device the customers or appointments that are applicable to them and not the whole company's list of customers. 

Sometimes a user may overlap customers with another user or temporarily manage another user's customers. In these instances, the complexity can be managed by using multiple allocations.

Shared Journey Plans

Typically a user has only one primary journey plan. This setting is only required to change to meet the circumstance where multiple users share the same appointments.

Opmetrix App Allocation

This sets the customers viewable by this user. Select the drop down and assign one or multiple lists to this user.

Opmetrix CMS Allocation

Typically this is set the same as the field above (Opmetrix App Allocation). It defines the customers for whom this user is responsible. When management reports are run, this helps check compliance that a field user visits all their allocated stores.

Branch Filters

If there are multiple warehouses and a user can only supply products from one or more warehouses, these warehouses can be set from the available list.

When you have finished editing, always remember to..

Click save to record your changes 

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