Opmetrix has a wide range of features. Opmetrix customers use these features differently depending on their business process and requirements. 

The role of the Opmetrix Administrator is to understand, manage and maintain all the features in use and to optimise these for the most effective use by and performance of the field team.

Key Responsibilities

Login Maintenance - The Opmetrix Administrator is responsible for adding users to the system. This includes adding field user logins and passwords for mobile devices and adding management logins to access reports and data.

Maintaining Tasks - Tasks such as surveys, objectives and audits are added and updated by the Opmetrix Administrator. These tasks then show for the field team to complete when in-store.

Journey Plans - If your field team works to a call cycle or journey plan, then the Opmetrix Administrator loads and updates these call plan rules so the field team know what they have to do and when they have to do it by.

System Configuration - The Opmetrix Administrator is responsible for updating system settings, drop down lists and system options and dynamically working with the Opmetrix system to configure your system to your business needs as and when these change.

Portfolio Automated Reporting - Opmetrix can automatically send reports via email, updating management and field teams on a scheduled basis. The Opmetrix Administrator can configure the report schedule, recipients and frequency.

Maintaining Master Data - The Opmetrix Administrator is responsible for Master Data such as customer, product and pricing data. This data often changes so the Opmetrix Administrator must ensure the data is updated in a timely manner. For most systems this will be developed into an automated importing procedure from an accounting system, while other Opmetrix users may complete this task manually. 

Manual updating would normally only be used in a business with small amounts customer, product and pricing data; larger businesses will make time to set up automatic updating.

Opmetrix integrates with many accounting systems, seamlessly extracting master data, customer details, pricing and inventory levels to ensure field teams have up to date information when face to face with customers. Sales transactions can be automatically imported to your accounting system, accelerating workflows and eliminating double handling.

Opmetrix provides three integration options:

  1. Opmetrix as a standard, ready to go application with full cloud hosting.

  2. For CRM and Merchandising, Opmetrix can be completely self-contained and does not necessarily require a link to any accounting system.

  3. If you require custom integration to another system, Opmetrix offers support and services to develop interfaces using our standard suite of integration tools.

Integration with many other systems is therefore possible; contact our support team or your Opmetrix account representative in the first instance to discuss the possibilities.

System Checks - Opmetrix displays several system checks such as email queues or transactions waiting to be exported. The Opmetrix Administrator reviews all these checks as they occur to make sure the system is running as it should.

How much time is required to be an Opmetrix Administrator?

Once the system is operational, the amount of time required for maintenance depends on the size of the field team and how often new field tasks are required. As a general rule, an Opmetrix Administrator for a small or medium sized business might spend as little as 15-20 minutes a day. For larger organisations with more complicated task management needs this time might be greater.


Training for the Opmetrix Administrator is included in the rollout of every Opmetrix implementation. Further, our support team is there to help, train and guide the Opmetrix Administrator whenever they may need assistance.

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