Sales templates can be used in many ways; to speed up the sales entry process, to speed up creating new product promotions or maybe to promote special items. 

A sales template is a custom list of products that can be specifically sorted, and optionally have a special price attached, perhaps for just a specific customer or group of customers only, if that's your need.

Some examples of how sales templates can be used

  • Sort items into a set order to match a display stand. Makes sales entry fast when doing a stock refill.

  • An outlet or group of stores can only by certain items. Create a sales template for just those items.

  • Promote this month's specials. Create a sales template (and mark it promo). Promoted items appear highlighted in the product list.

  • A customer receives a very special price on a couple of items. Create a sales template (mark it promo) and add pricing to the items. Assign the template only to that customer. The pricing overrides all other pricing in your system.

  • Create a sales template to appear in Opmetrix eCommerce.


Sales template maintenance can be found on the Transactions menu. Templates can be added, edited, deleted and copied (duplicated) from this screen.

Add a Template

  • Give the template a good descriptive name e.g. March Monthly Specials

  • Select the start and end dates. Templates will only appear on or during this period

  • Mark as Promo. Marking a template as Promo will highlight the products in the list. Optionally, with promo templates you can set the price of each item.

  • Show in eCommerce. This sales template will also appear on the home page of the customer eCommerce portal (The eCommerce is an optional extra)

Promo items (yellow star) with a promo price (in Green)

Select the products to include in the template

Add products by searching and clicking the individual items or selecting and entire category. As products are added they stay in the order they were added. The maximum number of items per template is 400.

Reorder the product template

To change the order products are displayed, select a product line and drag it to the required position

Add Promo Pricing

If the template is marked as a 'promo template' then a price can be added to products in the template. The price entered in a template overrides all other pricing in the system, including any other contract pricing, quantity break pricing and so on. The price you add here will be the only price that shows.

Templates can be targeted to all customers, a particular group of customers, or an individual customer. If targeting is used, than the promo price entered will only apply to those customers who are specifically targeted by you.

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