Sales templates can be used in many ways to speed up the sales entry process, or to promote special items. A sales template is a custom list of products that can be specifically sorted, and optionally have a special price attached.

Some examples of how sales templates can be used:

  • Sort items into a set order to match a display stand. Makes sales entry fast when doing a stock refill.

  • An outlet or group of stores can only buy certain items. Create a sales template for just those items.

  • Promote this months specials. Create a sales template (and mark it promo). Promoted items appear highlighted in the product list.

  • A customer receives a very special price on a couple of items. Create a sales template (mark it promo) and add pricing to the items. Assign the template only to that customer. The pricing over-rides all other pricing in your system.

Your Opmetrix Administrator is responsible for setting up templates.

Using sales template in the Opmetrix App

When viewing the stock list promoted items in a sales template show with a yellow star. If they have a special price it will be shown in green.

In the image catalogue promoted items are shown with a yellow star, as shown above and below. If they have a special price it will be shown in green.

Filter to a Sales Template

Tap the filter button (top right corner) to select and filter to one template.

Select the template you require and only the template items show, in the set order of the template. To clear the filter, tap the filter button again and select *** None ***.

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