A call note can be pinned to the top of the call notes list.

  • Select the Yellow Pin to pin the note to the top of the list

  • Select the Green Pin to un-pin the note. It is inserted back down in the normal call note list

Pinned call notes are synchronised off-line no matter how old they are and will continue to show at the top of the list with new calling cards appearing underneath. 

Key points on pinning notes:

  • Multiple call notes can be pinned

  • Multiple pinned notes are sorted by most recent date

  • Pinned notes are shared (for example if two team members visit a store they both see the same pins)

Good uses for pinned calling cards

  • To set a permanent note about a store (e.g. Preferred delivery times or other vital information)

  • To act as a reminder of a task to complete - don't forget to un-pin the note when you have completed the task

  • To share a note between to other team members who visit the same store

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