Kitsets are sets of products combined into a single sellable unit. These are created by HQ users and pushed to the app to make it simpler to place orders for a standard set of products,

Finding Kitsets in the app

When you enter the Sales screen while in an outlet you will see a Kitset tab in the side menu if there are Kitsets available for that customer. Clicking on this will show you the sets available and well as how many lines (products) are included and also the total individual number of units. Select the one you want and click Add.

Changing Quantities

Although you have added a pre set amount to the order, the quantity of each line can be changed. Go to the Subtotal screen and you will see the full kit has been added, click on each individual line item and edit the quantities in the pop up if required.

If you wish to remove an entire kitset, go back into the kitset tab, select the set you wish to remove and select Remove. To create a credit for a kitset follow the same process by selecting Remove, this will add negative quantities of the products contained in the set so a credit can easily be produced.

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