Objectives Maintenance


Objectives are defined as goals or tasks which can be set by an Opmetrix Administrator in HQ or by the field team from within the App.

Examples of Objectives might be to present a new product or sell in X product. Progress towards objective goals can be reviewed from both a management and field perspective, allowing clear communication of progress and achievement.

There are four types of objectives:

§ Team – field users work collectively to achieve a goal.

§ User field users work individually to achieve a goal.

§ Personal – field users set their own objectives.

§ Outlet – field users set their own objective for an outlet.

Objective Maintenance in HQ

To access Objectives Maintenance page, click on Objectives on the left-hand navigation bar.

This will display a pop-up menu where Objectives Maintenance can be found, click on this navigate to the page.

With the Objectives Maintenance page displayed you can start creating Objectives for your field users. To do this you will need to click on the Add Objective button, and this will display a pop up on your screen.

(if you need to edit an existing Objective you can select the blue pencil icon next to the Objective you need to edit)

Adding an Objective has several key fields to consider.

Title – Identifier of the Objective (This will display in the App before the user selects

Description – The instructions you would like to convey in your Objective.

Start Date – What date the Objective to be visible from.

End Date – What date the Objective will end.

High Priority – Highlights the Objective red in the App.

In Task List – Displays the Objective in the instore task list also, appearing in the Objectives tab.


Sets whether the Objective is for individuals or a whole team, what the target goal is, and whether it is a general goal over all outlets targeted or a goal or each individual outlet.

In the example above the Objective is for each targeted user to complete one Objective for every single Outlet targeted.

However, if I were to change this to…

Then the Objective is now for any member of the team (targeted users) to complete the Objective once for each Outlet targeted.

Summary of Rule fields and what they do.

This Objective is:

For the participating team – To set a team wide Objective irrespective of user

For each participating user – To set an Objective for each individual user to meet.

To reach a target of:

This field is the target required to meet to complete the objective. Once complete the Objective is greyed out.

(For example, if I have a target of 10 for Any of the available outlets then if 10 objectives are done in any of the targeted stores then it will complete for all targeted stores)


Each and every Outlet – Requires that the target number must be reached for all targeted stores.

Any of the available Outlets – Requires that the target number must be reached but can be reached by any of the stores (even multiple per store counts towards this goal)


Targets enables filtering Objectives by Outlet Categories, Individual Outlets, By device supervisor, devices, or a combination of these that should be assigned to this objective.

For example, if I wanted to target this Objective to only display for all of a particular type of Outlet I would select Outlet Categories Tab and select the Outlet Category I would like to target and press the Add button.

However if I want to target a particular field user or set of field users to complete this task I would select the Device tab and select the Device I would like this to apply to and press the Add button.

As you can see below the Objective is now targeted to two devices.

Once targeting is completed you are now ready to save your Objective. Once saved, this objective will display on field user’s devices the next time they sync the Opmetrix App if they have been targeted.

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