The Opmetrix Mobile App Version 7.2 introduces a dynamic new feature that helps field users automatically exit their store visits.

7.2 App Popup

Most field users have at times forgotten to tap 'Exit Store' when finishing a store call. It happens most frequently on the last call of the day when driving home. The result can be a report with store call lasting 15 hours!

Introducing Geofencing in Opmetrix

Opmetrix will now prompt if you have left the location of where you started your last store visit, even if you turn your device back on hours later.

The Opmetrix App knows the time you left the stores location, so can use that to correct the exit time for the last store visit. Tap Exit Outlet and its all done.

The message displays if you move more that 200 metres away from where the store visit started. There is always the option to Continue Store Call and not exit.

Enable / Disable Geofence Exit

Under the options menu the Exit Geofence feature can be enabled or disabled. By default, it is on.

7.2 Smartphone Version

Geofence Exit also works in the smartphone version of Opmetrix for Android and iPhone. It can be enabled/disabled under the options menu.

Zebra Mobile Printing Update

The most common printers used for printing invoices and dockets in the field are the portable Zebra range of printers. Until now, a third party software printing application was needed to print from Opmetrix.

Opmetrix has now included all of the Zebra functions including bluetooth pairing, setup and printing within the core Opmetrix App. This makes is simple to configure and the result is a faster, more streamlined print.

Details on how to connect a Zebra printer is available here

Smaller Updates and Bug Fixes

App subtotal - negative types colour

To easily identify negative transactions, the total now displays in red for credits or return type transactions on the subtotal screen.

Additional Warning message on Accept

Tapping the Accept button on the ordering subtotal screen is often described as the 'point of no return' when finalising an order. The customer has electronically signed, therefore Opmetrix does not allow further editing.

Opmetrix has added a further warning prompt should the Accept button be accidentally tapped. This allows a double confirmation before finalization. Extra safe!

This additional warning is optional and our support team will be pleased to assist enabling it if needed.

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