The enquiry tab shows the visibility rules that apply to a particular customer.

Multiple rules may apply for a customer. The enquiry tab also outlines the rule that takes precedent.

How to Make an Enquiry

In the example below we have two rules.  An 'exclude all' products rule for the 4 Square stores group and then an 'include rule' which for the Berocca range.

Switch to the enquiry tab in Product Visibility Maintenance.

A product or a customer must be selected before the enquiry will activate. Use smartsearch or filters to select a customer or product.

Enquiry Outcome

In the example below a store (Amberley 4 Square) and a product (Berocca 15 Orange) have been selected.

The enquiry shows all rules applying to the above. Each rule has a rank. The highest rank (1) is the end result in terms of product visibility.

The source indicates where the rule was made. 

Base means the product is in the master product file.
HQ means that Opmetrix has created a rule.  
There is also an option to import rules externally from an ERP (this would show as external).

When there are a number of rules before getting to the final outcome, a simpler view is available which would shows the end result only (rank 1).  Apply the filter - Final Outcome Only

Only the Rank 1 results will show

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