Opmetrix technology uses many features on a mobile device including the camera, GPS and notification systems.

Apple always prompts for access to use these features when an application is used for the first time. This article describes what the services are for and how to configure the correct access:

Access Location

Opmetrix uses your location to display how many kilometres you are away from your customers, and to display a map with travel directions. It also records your location when travelling and visiting your customers/stores.

Other Prompts to Allow

Do you want to continue to allow background location use?

After a few days, Apple may confirm you still want Opmetrix to access your background location. Select Always Allow to ensure Opmetrix can continue to use geo-fencing, to prompt you to exit the store visit when you leave a customer/store.

Change Access via Apple Settings

Open the setting application on the device

Scroll down the setting list until you locate Opmetrix. Set the access per the example

iPhone Access Settings

The settings are similar on the iPhone and should be configured per the example

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