Surveys only take a few seconds to complete in-store, yet the information they capture can be a 'goldmine' for any business. 

Understanding the marketplace we are selling in, and how our staff are performing in-store quickly become key drivers for business change and business success.

The functionality of the Surveys module remains the same when comparing Opmetrix HQ V7 with the previous version.

  • Surveys are first created in the Survey Maintenance screen. Typically, your Opmetrix Administrator would perform this task.

  • Surveys can be assigned to field staff and can either be assigned to an outlet's task list or attached to the end of a transaction. 

  • Surveys can be set up as optional or compulsory tasks. 

  • Dates are defined for surveys so that they are either active or inactive. (In other words, you can park them when not required and reactivate when needed later on.)

New Interface

The various screens for Surveys are still accessed from a left hand menu. Instead of clicking on a tab near the top of the screen, you now click on the Survey icon at the left. Below you will see firstly the starting point for Surveys in the new system and the previous system's Survey screen follows.

There's no difference in functionality between the old system and the new. The major difference is the new screen is better laid out and easier to read.

Remember that until February 2020 you can always revert to the classic theme if you prefer.

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