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Incomplete End of Day Entries

The following prompt will appear if a prior End of Day entry has not been completed. Complete this entry before attempting to complete a Start of Day entry.

On/Off Duty Calls

In store calls cannot be completed when 'Off Duty'; however out of store notes can still be added.

Off Duty Times

Turn off the 'On Duty' function at any time during the day, or during breaks (i.e. lunch) by swiping left. Do not enter any information, simply click on 'Done'. Remember to turn this back to 'On Duty' once finished.

Editing Prior Workday Entries

To edit Workday entries, tap on 'Planner'. The following pop up box will appear:

Select the date applicable, then tap on 'Timecard'.

The following will appear, allowing the prior entries to be adjusted by a user.

Note: There may be a restriction that sets the number of days prior that can be edited. Please contact your Opmetrix Administrator for further details.

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