Entering Start of Day and Vehicle Mileage

At the start of your day, right swipe the red 'Not on Duty' button to show a green 'On Duty' status. 

Tap on the 'Start Time' button to automatically generate the current time. Alternatively, you can adjust the start time as you need.

Enter in the mileage in the 'Mileage Entry' box and tap 'Done' once finished. 

Continue with normal store calls and activity once this has been completed.

Entering End of Day and Vehicle Mileage

At the end of the day, left swipe the green 'On Duty' button to display a red 'Not On Duty' status. 

Follow the same instructions as per the Start of Day entry, and tap 'Done' once finished. 

Note: Mileage can either be entered by recording the odometer readings at the start and end of the day (as per the example above)
...or by recording the total kilometres traveled in the end of day entry (leaving the start of day entry as zero [0])

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