Opmetrix Version 6.9 introduces a major new feature to the Opmetrix Platform called Workday.  

The Workday feature enables field users to enter their start and end of day times and optionally record vehicle mileage. Workday data is collated into easy to view and export management reports.

Opmetrix 6.9  Major Features

  • Workday - record start and end of day times and distance traveled (mileage)

  • Product Image Catalogue - support multiple images per product

  • B2B eCommerce - support for multiple images per product

  • Objectives module - new targeting and reporting

We have also made many improvements to both Mobile Apps and the Opmetrix HQ reporting suite.  

Mobile Field Users App Highlights

  • Held Transactions now Sync to the Server. This means that if a device is lost or Opmetrix is re-installed, then the Held transactions will reload as of the last Sync.

  • Mobile users can now access the Stock List and Image Catalogue while in a store call, without having to start a sale. 

Opmetrix HQ - Head Office Highlights

  • Sales and Merchandising Templates previously had a limit of 500 Products per template. This has now been increased to 5000.

  • The Survey Deck PDF reports now have a URL link so the full size image can be accessed from directly within the PDF report.

  • The Opmetrix Workflow system has been improved allowing approvals of transactions in stages. For example a new order could be reviewed and approved by the Sales Manager then sent to Accounts Department for further approval before it is released.

  • When adding Call Notes for a customer and alerting the field user of these new notes, the field user who receives this notification can be selected. Previously the alert notified all users that had access to that customer. 

Bug Fixes and Techy Improvements

There have also been some tidy ups and handy improvements worth mentioning. Please contact our support team for further information.

We hope you enjoy this new release and as always welcome your feedback or queries. Our support team is here to help review and enable any of these new features upon request.

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