Recording your customers in-store contacts is a great way to help personalise sales calls and help any new or relieving reps know who the right people to speak to are. 

Both MYOB Exo and Opmetrix allow collecting and storing this information. Often, head office will be recording contacts in Exo and sales reps will record theirs separately in Opmetrix, but once two-way contact synchronising is turned on, both of these lists will become a mirror of each other. 

To get started with this, speak to one of our helpful support team who can enable this feature for you.

How contacts look in Opmetrix

How contacts look in MYOB Exo

The fields that are common to both Opmetrix and MYOB Exo that are synced are:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Salutation/Title

  • Job Title/Position

  • Email address

  • Phone

  • Mobile phone

  • Fax

  • Notes

  • Primary contact flag

  • Active flag

Note: There is no equivalent to the "Department" Opmetrix field in MYOB Exo, so this data is not synced.

Contacts are synced periodically and are sent and received at the same time as the rest of the data going into and out of Opmetrix. Typically, this is approx every fifteen minutes that contacts will be sent from Opmetrix to MYOB Exo and once an hour for contacts to come back.

When contacts are synced with MYOB Exo, the most recent change will become the 'master', that is, if both an Opmetrix-using sales rep and an MYOB Exo-using head office user both edit a contact, the most recently updated details will be used to overwrite the older details.

Other things to know:

  • Deleting a contact from MYOB Exo will not delete it from Opmetrix. Deactivate it by unticking the Active flag in MYOB Exo or by removing it in Opmetrix.

  • Deleting a contact from Opmetrix will not remove the contact from MYOB Exo, but it will deactivate the contact in MYOB Exo by unticking the Active flag.

  • Contacts with matching first and last names for an outlet will be matched between the two systems and will be assumed to be the same person in each.

  • A contact in MYOB Exo can be shared between many customers but these will be treated as separate and independent contacts in Opmetrix.

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