The Outlet Master Report displays the number of days elapsed since a customer was visited as well as the last visit date.

Accessing the Report

The Outlet Master report is not listed on the main menu; however you can get to it by drilling down on the Outlet column in several reports. 

The reports that are produced can be saved for later access.

  • The reports referred to are the Call Coverage, Merchandising Analysis and Survey Analysis reports.

  • Tap on the one of the values under the Outlets column

  • Save and name the report that you produce for later access.

Report Layout

Three columns relate to the above report and refer to:

  • Staff Code - the staff member who 'owns' the store. In other words, the staff member or sales rep who actively visits and services the store.

  • Last Visit - shows the date and time that the store was last visited.

  • Days Since - outlines the number of days since a store was last visited.

It's a given in your industry that you always ensure that your customers are regularly serviced by your field team to encourage the best customer satisfaction and retention. We certainly wouldn't tell you how to suck eggs!

However, using and viewing the outputs of the above fields will provide your management with a very good ability to be well across all of this kind of detail.

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