History Menu

The History option situated on the Opmetrix sidebar enables field users/representatives to review all previous activity including Call Notes, Photos and Sales History for all customers.

Call Notes History

Select Call Notes to display all recent call notes for all customers including photos.  

  • Call notes are fully searchable. Search by store name, call note types, activities or any of the text within a call note. Refer to the search article detailing the ability to switch between search methods.

  • Notes can be pinned and unpinned to act as reminders, and photos can be tapped on to enlarge and scroll.

  • Tap the Filter button in the screen's top right corner to drill down to particular call card type or activity.

Transaction History

Select Transactions to display a list of historical Transactions. These transactions could be a mix of orders, invoices, credits depending on what your Opmetrix system is configured to do. 

  • Tap the column headers to sort by type, date, outlet. Tap again to sort ascending or descending.

  • Transactions are fully searchable. Search by store name, store code, or transaction ID number. See the search article on switching search modes for more.

  • Tap on a transaction to drill down and view the product line details. There are also options to re-print the transaction (if printing is enabled).

Filtering transactions

Select the Filter button to limit display to a certain type of transactions (e.g. orders only). Opmetrix customers that use the Workflow module can filter down on the current status of a transaction.

Held History

Select Held to display a list of sales transactions that are currently on hold and not complete.   

As a reminder, the number of held transactions is included beside the History tab (in the example below there are two held orders).

Tap a transaction to view the details. Tapping Recall will prompt you to select a Store Visit Type. Once selected, you can then continue to edit, complete, cancel or put the transaction back on hold.


If the Payments module is enabled, select payments to see all payments/receipts collected.

  • Today's payments and the total collected are displayed.  Tap or scroll through the calendar to select a previous date and review payment totals.

  • The most recent payments are displayed at the top.  Tap on the column headers to sort by date, outlet or name.

  • Payments with a transaction ID indicate that that an invoice and payment was collected within the one transaction.  Payments without a transaction ID indicate a payment only was made (not attached to a transaction).

If printing is enabled, select Action and then Print Payment Summary to print a hard copy payment report that can be submitted along with the cash.

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