The search bar helps you to easily locate products or customers from lists or product catalogues.

Switching Search methods

There are two methods of searching. Tapping the magnifying glass icon switches the method between Search Contains and Search Starts With

Search Contains

Search Contains matches any pare of the outlet code or name.  For example if the code is "12345" and the name "Bills Gift and Card Store" you can enter "345" or "Gift" and it will find a match and include that store.

Search Starts With

Switching to Search Starts With matches the first letter(s) only. Using the same example as above typing "345" would not be a match but typing in "12" or "Bills" would match and include that store.

The Search Starts With method is most handy when you know the exact code or name.

Searchable Fields

Searching Customers
Opmetrix looks to match a customer code or a customer name.

Searching Products
Opmetrix looks to match a product code, description or product barcode.

Search Call Note
Opmetrix looks to match store names, call note types and activities and any text written in the call note.

Optional Search Criteria

Settings can be enabled to search a customer postcode and custom product fields can be created and then these too can also included in searches.  

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