Saving photos taken in Opmetrix to a camera roll enables users to re-use them for other purposes; such as emailing a copy of the photo, or using within another app.

To enable

Open the Options menu from the Store Home screen within the App. In the tablet app, tap the Options button in the top-right of the Home screen.

In the smartphone app, tap the 'hamburger' menu icon.

Select the option "Save Photo to Camera Roll" by moving the toggle slider to the right as shown.

Once the slider is turned on, photos taken within Opmetrix for a Calling Card, Survey, Objective, Merchandising Check or Sales Transaction will be shown in the Camera Roll (iPad and iPhone) or Gallery app (Windows and Android).


  • Users can enable or disable Save Photos to Camera Roll at any time.

  • The setting is set to Off by default, so users will need need to turn it on (even when reinstalling the App on a new device).

  • This feature is available on all mobile and desktop Opmetrix apps.

  • Photos will take up storage space on the device, so keep disk space in mind.

  • If a photo is taken in Opmetrix, but not used (eg, cancelling the sale and taking a replacement photo) then the photo still stays on the device's Camera Roll/Gallery.

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