The PrintHand Premium App is used to connect Opmetrix Printing to your Zebra printer. 

PrintHand Premium is a paid App currently priced at $US11.95. A free trial App is available for evaluation purposes but you cannot print any pages from the free PrintHand App.

Before you start, you must Bluetooth-pair your ZQ520 printer to your device and configure it using the Zebra App utility. See also Bluetooth Pairing ZQ520.

Download PrintHand Mobile Print Premium

Purchase and Download the PrintHand Mobile Print Premium app from the Google Play Store.

Configure PrintHand to print to Zebra ZQ520

Open the PrintHand app from the device home screen.

*** If the PrintHand setup wizard pop-up app appears when you open the app, select "Skip".

In the top right hand corner, select "Manage Printers".

On the next screen, select "Nearby Bluetooth Printers".

Then select the ZQ520 Bluetooth printer.

This will load a screen that says that 'a driver for the printer could not be found'; next choose "Select Manually".

In the search box, type zebra and select the Zebra Mobile printer (CPCL) driver.

Final configuration and test print

In the Opmetrix App, navigate to the Transactions tab.

Select any transaction and in the bottom left tap on the "Print" icon.

Select PrintHand Premium as the print option.

(The following steps below marked *** should only be required for the first print and will not be a part of the regular print process.)

*** Select "OK" on the prompt to install/update the Render Library.

*** Change the paper to "4x6 (100x150mm)".

*** Change the printable area to "Fit to printer's printable area".

Tap the "Print" button.

Select "OK" to send print job to printer. You can also use this page to define how many copies to print ( default is 1 ).

See also

Feel free to contact Opmetrix Support if you need help with any aspect of PrintHand.

See also Bluetooth Pairing ZQ520.

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