This article describes pairing the Zebra ZQ520 4 inch printer via Bluetooth to an Android device. Once paired, please read the article on configuring the PrintHand Mobile printing App.

Pairing the Printer

To start the pairing process, first turn on the printer device. Next, turn on Bluetooth on the Android tablet by navigating to settings, connections, then bluetooth. The ZQ520 printer will show up on the Android tablet as one of the available devices. Tap on the ZQ520 label to start the pairing process.

A Bluetooth pairing request will then appear on the screen with a passkey. At the same time, the ZQ520 will also display the same request with the same passkey. Select the tick button on the printer to complete the paring process.

Download Zebra Printer Setup Utility

To configure the ZQ520's print settings, download the Zebra Printer Setup Utility from the Google Play Store.

Configure / Save File / Send Config to Printer

Open the Zebra Printer Setup Utility. Once it has finished loading, select "Media Settings"

On the next page, select "Media Settings" again.

The Media should be Receipt, Width 4.1 and Length 6.0. Select 'Done' once set up.

On the next screen, check that the defaults match the screen below and select 'Next'.

 Select "Save Settings to File" and apply. This will redisplay the main screen.

Note: If an error is received outlining an invalid location for saving the settings file, select the menu button (3 vertical dots) on the top right hand  on the screen to access 'Settings'.

Under 'Settings', change the saved file path to any valid folder.

On the main menu select "Available files".

This will open the folder where the settings file is located. The saved settings file will be named Media Settings1.txt by default. Any changes and saves of the settings will create incrementally named setting files (i.e. media settings 2,3,4..) Therefore, new changes will be in the file with the highest number in its name; in the case below Media Settings4.txt is the applicable file.

Select the correct media settings file and then select "Send to Printer". The printer will buzz to acknowledge receiving the settings to complete the setup.

Next Steps

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